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Ask Mikasa


but could we just take a moment to imagine Eren as Bambi






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Hi Mikasa! What would you choose out of these two: Pudding or a rubber duckie?



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CaN u HaVe My KiDs

No SoRrY

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*Eren intensifies

hm ?

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Why do you still protect eren? is it because he helped you from those 3 men?but you helped him also so that seals the deal. why do you sacrifice your own life to save his still than? is it because they took you in? why? why is Eren Jeagar so important to you?

Eren became my family and the least you can do for your family is to protect them, right ?

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bet he won’t dare to search… Near the poopies.

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If you had one chance to save your (Eren's) Mother, but had to kill Eren, once she's saved, would you do it? Or would you still let her die?

… That’s silly. What’s the point in saving Eren’s mother, and then kill her son ? What’s done is done anyway.

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Nice view. #15meter #titan #WallRose #Friday

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Be back in a few !

Hello ! I’m alive ! And glad to see that they stil are people here ! Even new followers ! Thank you so much, and sorry too ~
I’ll be done with my final exams saturday [YAAAHOUUU!!] So I hope to be back next week once I read all the chapters I pilled up in a corner and once I wander on tumblr to try to catch up a bit of what happened here ! ; u ; b

sorry for my english and see you soon ! c:

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Im sorry im new to your blog but do you ship ErenXMikasa LeviXMikasa or JeanxMikasa?


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It’s been a while

I really, truly, am sorry for the inactivity. Thank you so much for the new babies followers appearing from time to time ; u ; I feel so guilty —— That I thought I should at least confirm my supermegahypralonghiatus.

It’s basically because of real life stuff, less time to draw … and the main point is … I don’t follow SNK anymore. Not like I don’t like it, ( I actually missing it a lot … Missing it a titan) It’s just that I want to pill up many chapters and read them all at once !!! kkkk ( i’m kind of a new species of squirel yeah //idon’tknowwhatimsaying) You know, to be in the mooooood once again ahahahahhahaahhaha ! And cries my eyes out, and feel the rush of anxiety and all this sadness from only cuties babies fighting ugly biggies. So as I don’t follow what’s happening in the manga currently and I’m not in the moooood That’s basically why I’m not around here for now ; u ;

Well, I guess I may be back somehow in the future ( ? )

Almost 1am here should get going to sleep … SEE YA !

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Genderbent Shingeki No Kyojin 104th female trainees.

Just wanted to see how their genderbent would look like in my version. Thou I really like how short hair Mikasa and Sasha turned out.

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I was at Amazon.com to look for some mikasa’s cosplay costumes and I saw this.


I mean Mikasa’s scarf is red not black. Why the hell did they make mikasa’s scarf black?

And I looked at the comments section and…

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i know i shouldn’t but you have no idea how happy this makes me

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will you be able to go die if you’re told to?

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