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It’s been a while

I really, truly, am sorry for the inactivity. Thank you so much for the new babies followers appearing from time to time ; u ; I feel so guilty —— That I thought I should at least confirm my supermegahypralonghiatus.

It’s basically because of real life stuff, less time to draw … and the main point is … I don’t follow SNK anymore. Not like I don’t like it, ( I actually missing it a lot … Missing it a titan) It’s just that I want to pill up many chapters and read them all at once !!! kkkk ( i’m kind of a new species of squirel yeah //idon’tknowwhatimsaying) You know, to be in the mooooood once again ahahahahhahaahhaha ! And cries my eyes out, and feel the rush of anxiety and all this sadness from only cuties babies fighting ugly biggies. So as I don’t follow what’s happening in the manga currently and I’m not in the moooood That’s basically why I’m not around here for now ; u ;

Well, I guess I may be back somehow in the future ( ? )

Almost 1am here should get going to sleep … SEE YA !

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Genderbent Shingeki No Kyojin 104th female trainees.

Just wanted to see how their genderbent would look like in my version. Thou I really like how short hair Mikasa and Sasha turned out.

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I was at Amazon.com to look for some mikasa’s cosplay costumes and I saw this.


I mean Mikasa’s scarf is red not black. Why the hell did they make mikasa’s scarf black?

And I looked at the comments section and…

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i know i shouldn’t but you have no idea how happy this makes me

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will you be able to go die if you’re told to?

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Mikasa is so hot

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Yo ! i’m still alive ! Sorry for lack of activity this blog is dying omg I’m sorry I’m sorry ~~

edit this feeling that i draw mikasa in the same pose everytime ahahaahahah//seppuku

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Episodes 01 and 22

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"Have you washed that filthy scarf of yours yet Ackerman?"


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Vampire Mikasa =)


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Sexy teletubbie


Po ! Say, hello. (eh-oh )

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Dress up as eren. You can borrow an eren wig from jean



I hope he kept this eren wig somewhere.

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A Titan costume!



Guys … You take it too seriously.

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